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A building in the Dragonspines

In front of you, you see a very harrassed looking man, dressed in nondescript robes, examining a piece of parchment. He looks up, pushes his glasses back up his nose, and glances up at you.

"If you'd like to put the documents down over there", he says, indicating a large pile of boxes, from which you can already see rolls of parchment protruding, "and then get out of my way so I can sort these archives back into some semblence of order, I'd be most obliged. AND BE CAREFUL. Half of the boxes got soaked coming up here, and the parchment is very delicate."

He stops, and takes another look at you.

"Hmmm... No box of parchment. Do I get the impression you're not one of those ham-fisted carters? Has someone finally been sent up here to help me sort this mess out?" His eyes widen hopefully, and a smile breaks his lips.

Shall I take your silence as a no, then? Very well. I'm sorry I'm a bit tetchy, but it's all getting a bit much, moving the Archives from Tremellyn to... Well... Steel knows where. Can I ask you a favour, then? If you do know anyone who wants to help, can you ask them to , please? Thank you."

He pauses again, and consults a piece of parchment he pulls out of a pouch. He wrinkles his nose, and makes a few alterations, before handing it to you.

"This is the list of what has been sorted out so far. Please try to put them back in the right order when you're done."

Collated so far:


Official Documentation
  • Census Form
  • Lonely Erdreja Guide to the Morghuns
    Delryn has only copy - can get one by

Newsletters - 'Morghun Campfires'

Miscellaneous Items

cured meats

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