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Journey and travels in Kappa Forest

Notice was given that the Morghuns as a group intended to travel in to Kappa Forest to retrieve Jadzia Morghun. This member of the family was taken by a group of creatures known as "The Masks". These are parasitic - those that use the life of others to live them selves - who according to accounts come from "Before the Dawn of Time", thus explaining the why Cymrijans dislike the term.

The members of the group were Master Delryn - Carle of the Morghuns, Lord Kellen, Lord Tryfan - Provincial Lord of Dyfed, Flynn Morghun, Drake Morghun, Mazrim Morghun, three others whose names allude me, and myself. This being: one Healer, three Incantors, two Mages and a few fighters. Thus it could be seen that we where more of a scholarly group than fighters.

Lord Tryfan had repealed the law on entering the Forest. Thus the night before, we gathered in Edgewood. With the morrow we rode to find a place to enter the Forest. As we approached the bounds of the wood there were some of the guards that had been posted by Lord Tryfan. They didn't believe who he was, 'til he disclosed things that only he could know. Then, there came upon our group, some of the Elves of the forest. They called Master Delryn 'Oath Breaker' - as it was he who helped negotiate the events with the Elves following Trollwood.

Following this we heard a kerfuffle to the side and followed it slowly. It was then we came upon a young lady who appeared to have been a victim of "The Masks". Upon her face the veins where drawn out, and scaring that showed the area that the Mask covered. This appears to have been a scar that did sting, however it does show that one can live after being affected by these creatures - that being the Masks and not young ladies.

Then travelling on we found some goblinoids who were asleep. Contact with these creatures resulted in a small altercation. Then upon entering a large clearing we first came across a person we assumed to be Jadzia Morghun. However, we were also set upon by the Elves of the forest - this led to myself been called upon to practice the lay-healing arts to prevent further damage and injury to members of our party. At this point we also found an Elf whose wounds we bound and was brought with us.

Then out of the trees some creatures - possibly Elves - came and attacked our party. It was then we again came upon the Masks again. The one who is/was Jadzia was taken down and held in place. Then Flynn Morghun, with a burning brand, dealt with the Mask. At the same time Jadzia Morghun was returned and saved. However she had no recollection of events since the Mask took her.

As we departed the tracks of some further goblinoids were found. As we moved off again a Highborn Elf came towards us and directed us away from the Forest Heart. The path that we had to take took us via a narrow valley between high cliffs. It was here that we again came under assault from a large number of Elves. They where casting many magics and forcing us to retreat. However two of our number were injured and left with the elves due to the force of the attack. Here I must confess to an attack of heroics, with a foolish attempted to assist with a rearguard. When we left the wood we found there our injured party members fully healed. However, they had upon their forearms the mark of Cernunnos. These showed some trace of magic and are far from natural. We then found the squires and grooms with the horses and returned to Edgewood to recover.

The conclusions that can be drawn from the expedition are:

  • Firstly, this event has not helped matters between the Elves and us.
  • Secondly, Kappa Forest can be survived.
  • Thirdly, this mark of Cernunnos bears further investigation
  • Fourthly, possession by the Masks can be survived, with no apparent long-term effects

It should be noted that Lord Tryfan has since reinstated the law regarding the prohibition of entry to Kappa Forest.

Source: A.J. Bell

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