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The Unit
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The Family

The family is led by the Carle. He has two immediate advisors within the family, Known colloquially as the Carle's Velvet Glove (the diplomatic advisor), and the Carle's Mailed Fist (the advisor in all things military). The Carle has a personal bodyguard, the Housecarle. Since 1096, they were captained by Flynn Morghun, but since Flynn's promotion to Dragon Warmaster, Titan now leads the Housecarle.

The Morghuns have settled in Dyfed and Gwynedd, and have been joined by various locals, the most notable ones being The Brothers Grim, from Gwynedd, and Clan Tatharlas, the family of Eomear's adopted daughter Laurana.

The Morghuns were originally from Pitzburk in Cyrenacia, and maintain strong links with Pitzburk through an Advisor to the Pitzburk Council, Tryfan Morghun, who is currently based in Cyrenacia.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some members of the unit die in the course of things. Where the scribes have been able to, they have noted their passing in The Book of The Dead.

The Morghuns

Iconograph of Delryn Morghun, Carle of the Morghuns

Delryn Morghun

Carle of the Morghun Warhost, Templar of Steel, Voice of the Light Ancestors, Provincial Lord of Dyfed

Delryn hails originally from Pitzberk. He has disclosed very little about his background. It is clear from what he has said that there has been great sadness in his life. He is very stern and doesn't suffer fools, but his belief in Steel and The Family is strong and unswaying.

Iconograph of Kellen Morghun, Shield of the Western Marches

Kellen Morghun

Diplomatic Advisor to the Host, Shield of the Western Marches, Provincial Lord of Gwynedd

Iconograph of Flynn Morghun, The Mailed Fist

Flynn Morghun

Dragon Warmaster, Military Advisor to the Host

A Morghun by blood, Flynn has served with the Host since 1096. Very large, very obvious, but surprisingly quiet, he has served as Captain of the Housecarle since his return to the Host. A veteran of High Hold, Edgewood, The Erin War, and most recently the Battle of Lundy, Flynn teaches new generations of Dragon warriors at the military training camps.

Iconograph of Titan, the latest addition to the Housecarle

Titan Morghun Williams

High Bard of Cymrija, Captain of the Housecarle

Iconograph of Tryfan Morghun, Advisor to Duke Bili and the Pitzburk CouncilTryfan Morghun

Heartlands Advisor to the Pitzburk Council

Formerly a blood Morghun on his mother's side, Tryfan has served with the Knights of Glyn Dwr since childhood. Following the return of the Knights to the Warhost in 1096, Tryfan fought as a warrior mage in the ranks of the Dragons at both Barkham and Edgewood. Following his efforts in helping to rebuild Edgewood, the Lord Arcane bestowed upon him the position of Provincial Lord of Dyfed in 1098. He continued in this role until 1102 when he was recalled to Pitzburk at the request of Duke Bili, to act as Bili's advisor on Heartland matters. During the Dragon Moot of 1102, Tryfan was sent to Arcadia where his life force left him, to be replaced by that of a Fae. The amalgamation of these two beings initially caused problems, however, recently a balance would seem to have been struck between the remenants of the Human Tryfan and his new Fae host.

Iconograph of Svein Sigurdsson Morghun, Champion of the MorghunsSvein Sigurdsson Morghun

Champion of the Morghuns, and Guardian of Wolfshaven Keep

Iconograph of Vermillion Drake Morghun, Personal Advisor to DelrynVermillion Drake Morghun

High Mage of the Dragons, Personal Advisor to Delryn

Iconograph of Magfen Morghun, Warrior Mage-Priest of SteelMagfen Morghun

Admiral of the Dragon Fleet, Mage-Priest of Steel

Iconograph of Jadzia Morghun, bearing the scars of her possession in Kappa ForestJadzia Morghun

Iconograph of Varg Hellhammer, Head of the Bardic CollegesVarg Hellhammer Einarsson Morghun

High Bard of the Dragons, Head of the Bardic Colleges, Blade-dancer of the Harpers

Iconograph of Khaine making his point knownKhaine

Not actually a Morghun by birth, Khaine is definitely a Morghun in attitude. He has been known to take down opponents who outnumber him many times over, armed with only a pair of short weapons and the element of surprise.

Iconograph of Teign. See? He does exist!Teign

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The Brothers Grim

Iconograph of Iago GrimIago Grim

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Clan Tatharlas

Iconograph of Grandad Erutharion, Git Emp... Sorry, God Emperor"Grandad" Erutharion Morwinyon Tatharlas

Patriarch and self-styled progenitor of the Willowleaf Clan

Iconograph of Laurana Willowleaf Morghun, Eomear's Adopted daughterLaurana Willowleaf Morghun

Second to Lady Keera Morghun

Iconograph of Galieth WillowleafGalieth 'Daffodil' Willowleaf

Iconograph of Taurondil WillowleafTaurondil Willowleaf

Iconograph of Dingo, a demon (just a small one)Dingo

An Innuendo Demon

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Malek's Rangers

Iconograph of someone who may or may not be Malek... We couldn't possibly comment...Malek Morghun

Head of the Morghun Ranger section

Iconograph of Happy watching the woods near the Dragon's EyeHappy Morghun

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