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The Book of the Dead

Iconograph of Maddyn Morghun (Keiran Scott)Maddyn Morghun

Maddyn was kidnapped and killed along with many others by a cult in the Viper faction at the Gathering of Nations, 1104. The Vipers discovered the cult's practices and killed them to a man. The Viper offered their condolences, and assistance to make up for our loss. Maddyn's enthusiasm and energy will be sorely missed by the host, and the promise of a great man has been denied us.

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Iconograph of Zelgadis Grim (Phil Jenkins)Zelgadis Grim

Zelgadis was killed at the Mages' Guild Conclave of 1104 whilst attempting to rescue several members of the Dragons from the void. Some void entities told Zelgadis that they knew the whereabouts of the missing members of the party, and offered to show him where they were. Zelgadis took it upon himself to rescue them, and stepped into the void, unprotected, and was destroyed. His down-to-earth, straightforward approach to many of his life's obstacles had a surprising tendency to work (even if not in the way planned), and will be missed.

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Iconograph of Floyd Pippin (Brendan Foster)Floyd Pippin

Floyd died on the Battlefield at Lundy at the Gathering of Nations, 1103, having offered his body as a vessel for the spirits of the Fianna, so they could take the field against the Emperor. He laid aside his shield and his sword, and went to battle only with a pair of knives, as if they were the claws of the Fianna. He was brought back to the Faction camp, and sent to wind with full honours. His Housecarle sash appeared to retain some of his spirit, and those wearing it found themselves feeling braver.

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Iconograph of Mazrim Morghun (Geoff Willoughby)Mazrim Morghun

Mazrim also died on the Battlefield at Lundy at the Gathering of Nations, 1103. Mazrim was Delryn's Apprentice, and wore the markings of the Templars of Steel. He was always ready to volunteer, and to offer his assistance. We shall miss the information that he brought, his inquisitiveness, and the Morghun tents will no longer echo to the sound of his laugh. Steel will find a way to re-forge his spirit and return it to us.

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Iconograph of Damon Morghun (Joe Sutton)Damon Morghun

Damon, like Devaroe, was killed on the Island of Abu Masa, in 1102. He had been with the advance party that had gone to the Isle before the Warband turned up. He was found, and claimed to have been rescued by three Drow Matrons, who had kept him alive. Unfortunately his actions later in the campaign led some of the warband to believe he had been compromised, and he was killed out of hand. Not wishing to further weaken our strength with deaths and injury, we refrained from killing the Blackshield who had murdered him, and later again, the Blackshield sacrificed himself to save the rest of the warband, bringing him some form of redemption for his actions in the eyes of some people.

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Iconograph of Devaroe Morghun (Doug Watson)Devaroe Morghun

Devaroe died on the Island of Abu Masa, in 1102. He had the life drained out of him by a wraith that had taken the form of the deceased Angor. His body was sent to wind on the isle. Devaroe will be forever remembered as the shonkiest Morghun ever to walk the face of Erdreja.

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Iconograph of Bane Morghun (Jon Conway)Bane Morghun

Bane was Kellen's elder brother, and the more belligerent of the two. Always ready to fight, and willing to argue about anything, his gruff and abrasive manners covered one of the most dependable members of the family. Bane was killed by the Gasharim, and sacrificed in a Necromantic Ritual on the Plane of Fire. Kellen was devastated, and has not been the same since.

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Iconograph of Angor Morghun (Mark Bateman)Angor Morghun

Angor joined the Warhost in 1095, as a raw warrior, but soon discovered that his greatest skill lay in diplomacy. The year before he died, at the Gathering of Nations, Angor and Diana Drax, as the Dragon Ambassadors, managed to make peace between all the factions. However, Angor was always ready to step up to the front line and draw his sword, and proved this time and time again, such as the time at Edgewood when he had been crippled by a troll, and fought, propped up in a chair to defend the healers, despite his own wounds. Angor was killed at the same time as Bane, when Angor stepped forward and took a blow meant for Eomear, sacrificing himself to save the Carle.

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Thanks to all the people who took these photos, and all the players, past and present, who added to the unit with their presence.